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Realtor Serving Northern Alabama and the Tennessee Valley

As a full-service real estate agency serving Northern Alabama and the Tennessee Valley since 1962, we have learned about more than just what type of homes are in the area. Our experience has helped us to develop a company that assists clients through all of the steps of finding, buying, and settling into their new home. Our agents are dedicated to making certain every client knows they are appreciated and gets the perfect home.

Our Company Mission

At Ben Porter Real Estate we understand that the success of every community relies on its residents. Our mission is to match people with the home and the area where they will thrive, feel comfortable, and enjoy raising their families and becoming a part of the community. Our reputation relies on making our clients happy, and we strive to do that with every sale.

Who We Help

We serve buyers and sellers with both commercial and residential real estate. Our clients range from first-time homebuyers searching for an affordable house to business owners looking to expand. Everyone is treated with the same level of respect and provided the same attentive service.

How We Help

We know home buying and selling can be stressful and intimidating. We make it easier by personally handling everything. We provide names of well-regarded inspectors in the area, to help you make the best decision for your specific situation. We help new residents learn about their town. We even offer relocation services through our full-time relocation department. We determine the needs and preferences of each client and feel it is unethical to encourage homebuyers to purchase more than they can afford. Our loyalty and professionalism have consistently earned us satisfied customers that recommend us to others and return to us when their home needs a change.

Our agents are trained to be available to their clients throughout the home-buying process. We are aware that purchasing a home is more than just a financial transaction. It is about the people involved and helping them to have the highest quality of life possible.