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Buying a home is an exciting process, but it can easily become overwhelming. At ERA Ben Porter Real Estate, our qualified agents take the stress out of the home buying experience by helping you find your perfect home at the right price.

Buying a Home

As you prepare to buy a home, it is a good idea to start researching your market. Look at real estate listings to get a feel for the pricing trends in the areas where you are looking to purchase. You can also look at how long houses are staying on the market to determine whether you are shopping in a buyer’s or a seller’s market. A realtor is a great resource for helping you during this research process. You will also want to determine your budget and get prequalified and preapproved for a mortgage loan. This way you will know exactly what price range your home needs to be in. Once you have found your perfect home, it is time to put in an offer! If your offer is accepted, you will then get a home inspection and appraisal. After these steps are complete, your mortgage loan will undergo the final approval process, and you will close on your new home.

The Realtor’s Job

A realtor can provide you with valuable information on market trends and home prices so that you can find a home within your desired budget. Realtors have access to information about homes that is not readily available to the public, which is a valuable resource for your home search, especially during a relocation. In addition, once you have shared with your realtor what you are looking for in a house, they will find listings that match your requirements. Realtors may even become aware of properties available for sale before they are officially listed. They are also experts at creating reasonable offers and conducting negotiations on your behalf, ensuring that your rights and interests are protected.

Our Agents

The realtors at ERA Ben Porter Real Estate are equipped with many important qualities that will make your house search easier. Our agents are trustworthy, which is important since you will be working closely with them throughout the buying process. Our agents are also tech savvy, as many real estate transactions take place online today. Finally, our agents are creative; they can think outside of the box and develop compelling offers.

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